This goal of this texture pack is to modify TEKKEN 6's textures for 1080p screens.
Head over to the PPSSPP thread for any questions!
◦ All effects are now high quality.
◦ Minor fixes to the fire in Anger Of The Earth stage.
◦ Added basic specular highlights.
◦ All stages now feature high-quality textures.
  • 1.
    Enable Replace Textures in Settings > Tools > Developer Tools
  • 2.
    Unzip the texture pack, then drag the ULUS10466 folder into:
    ▹ FOR .zipped PPSSPP versions
    ▹ FOR installer PPSSPP versions
    My Documents/PSP/TEXTURES
    ▹ FOR android PPSSPP versions
    Make a TEXTURES folder if there isn't one.
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v0.2 Released!

This update includes the following changes:

◦ All effects are now high quality. Example included below:

◦ Fixed fire textures in Anger of the Earth stage not being replaced.

◦ Added basic specular highlights on characters during intros/outros and during customization.

◦ Minor fixes.

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v0.1 Released!

It's finally here! Also, I updated the page to a more minimalistic design.